Change the response status code


I was wondering on how I should go about changing the response status code using a script.
Let us say I want to reply with a code 403 or 402 or a 400, how should I do that?

I have tried to set:

event.response.code = 403;

But it seems to still send a 200 OK with a JSON


I want to change the status code in the response itself instead.


Currently, the status code is dictated by the response handler, which scripting cannot modify. However we have included this as a new feature to be available in 2.0.

That will be a useful addition. Currently actionscript 3 cannot read the http response body for anything other than a 200 success response.

The work around is to return a 200 even for an error and parse the error message from the body. Which is obviously a horrible, retarded hack…

Hi Jeffrey,

With the new version out, is now possible to change the status code?
I’ve searched in the documentation but there is no trace of it.


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The same problem here…