Server Side Scripting

Using server-side scripting can anybody please tell the me method I would use to interrogate any values inside ‘event.request.body’.

I’m trying to perform some logic at the step ‘’ the usual object notation doesn’t seem to work and it’s driving me nuts! A simple example would be:

if ( == '') {
    throw 'we have a match';

I’ve tried various different formats to no avail.

Many thanks

There’s a bug where for user events event.request.body comes back as a string rather than an object. We should have it fixed in the next day or so. Until then you can use JSON.parse(event.request.body).email.

That works, thanks Todd.

Didn’t realise it was a string, I’d foolishly assumed it was just the browser encoding the characters!

event.request.body problem is fixed and will be in 1.8.1 release early next week.