Connecting to hosted MySql DB using dreamfactory with React Native

Hey all,

I’m trying to connect to a database created with xxx and I was building an ios app using React Native and the IT guys have set up an api for me using dreamfactory. How do I go about connecting to a dreamfactory api from React Native? and when I accessed external db for class assignments I would start vs through the cmd line. I tried, didn’t any luck. I’m confused.

Has anybody had experiences in working with these databases and dreamfactory with react native?how I connect.

Please i need help


This is the second brand new account that has posted a direct link to the hosting provider you mentioned. No offense, but that smells like spam to me, so I’ve removed the specific hosting provider from your post–which doesn’t affect the meaning of this thread at all.

Have you reviewed this recent thread with another user asking about React Native? I recommend doing a quick search on the forum for related topics, then start working on your application and post back here with an specific issues that may arise.