Consuming 3rd party REST API's

Does dreamfactory have a built in way to consume 3rd party API’s or will I have have to try add that myself using a Laravel recipe or something?

I primarily need 2 things. An API first platform with MySQL persistence which is what dreamfactory is designed for. The second thing is that I need to consume multiple 3rd party REST API’s as if they were just another way to store and retrieve data.

Reading through the documentation I don’t see anything that indicates dreamfactory has anything like that built in.

Hello @sman

I again apologize for the delay in our response. DreamFactory supports a number of native connectors spread across various categories like Database, the one that you have used, there are OAuth connectors, file, storage etc.

To consume HTTP based third party API’s, we have the HTPP connector. You can any number of third party connectors and then costume them via endpoints.

If you wish to add logic to these API endpoints, you can do so using Scripts

Hope this helps.