Documentation on the REST API

Every time you connect a new service to DreamFactory, like a remote SQL database, four important things happen:

  1. DreamFactory provides a REST API for the service that returns JSON and XML documents to your client application.
  2. The REST API is interactive in the “API / SDK” tab of the Admin Console. So you can try out http requests to your data source and see the request and response happening live.
  3. DreamFactory provides methods to call the REST API.
  4. These methods are exposed at runtime via the SDKs we provide for iOS, Android, Javascript, AngularJS, and Titanium (you don’t have to use the SDKs to call the REST API but they can be very helpful).

To learn a lot more about the REST API, check out the REST API docs on the Wiki.

Also, make sure you read this important information about your API key and passing a session ID into your API calls before you start coding!