CORS Config using dsp-docker

I’m using the dsp-docker image on AWS ECS and able to get the first page requesting the Admin user page but when I try to POST that data from the form I’m getting a 403 and looking at the app logs shows it’s a CORS issue.

Where do I configure CORS within the dreamfactory image?


This was an environment issue due to a proxy redirecting HTTP/HTTPS traffic. The API worked fine with the proxy disabled, but configuration is still ongoing. Are there any outstanding issues or thoughts you’d like to add so the community can benefit from your experience in your particular environment?

Unless we can determine a way to configure apache to allow protocol switches on the same domain, users will not be able to run dreamfactory behind a proxy that terminates SSL.

Unfortunately, I think we’re beyond the scope of DreamFactory on this one. However, if you do find an Apache solution for this situation, let us know!

The apache server I’m talking about is the one contained within the dsp-docker image so I would assume that would be within the scope of dreamfactory. This is the web server configured for dreamfactory. Do you see that web server has being outside of dreamfactory?

It’s definitely outside of DreamFactory. While we’ve tried to provide support and advice for the Apache product to the best of our ability, it’s not our product and this configuration is beyond our experience with Apache. Has Apache support been helpful at all?

Apache docs are quite clear on how to configure it. The problem is that there is so much dreamfactory configuration already, something’s not working with the standard CORS enablement. Have you looked at the dsp.conf file in the docker image?