CORs configuration issue

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Hey Lutrent, is this the same issue you logged about Cross Origin Request Blocked…you had CORs working fine and then it stopped working for some reason? If so, Mark will follow up with you to get it sorted out.

If this is a different issue, what specific message are you getting back from the browser dev tools? Sounds like you’ve done everything correctly. You might want to double check the role associated with the guest user again to make sure permissions are correct for the service you’re calling. Also make sure that you’ve granted access to the app for that role. For a reference example, take a look at the role setup in this tutorial.

yes same issue about Cross Origin Request Blocked. Whats funny is that I do several ajax calls to the same server and I get no problems. When I do say the 4th call to this same server domain, I then get the Cross Origin Blocked error. This is whats thows me. If CORS wasnt working it should block all of my commands not just a few of them.
The order in which I execute, the first 2-3 calls work. Then it breaks with the following message:
""“Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at This can be fixed by moving the resource to the same domain or enabling CORS.”""

OK that is strange. The best thing to do is hop on a Google Hangout with someone on the support team to see what’s up. Shoot a note to if you haven’t already.

Also, are you using the free hosted version of DreamFactory or did you install it? If you did an install, what version are you on?

I am using the hosted version but developing local on my machine

Can I ask you a couple questions?

What are the calls? GET GET GET GET, GET GET GET POST?

Also, how long is it taking until the actually final call is made…?


Well I am using swagger. In my console when I access the page it takes a good while to load all of the api_docs etc. I really only need to access a few but all of them come and get loaded in my browser at window.df.
Write now I have a different problem. I had not touched my data for over a month and everything was working. Now all of a sudden I am getting denied to access my db service. I am not sure why.


append /web/logout to DSP url

for the access to your db service, you’re going to have to go in and make sure you give yourself GET access - I know you probably already had this, but since upgrading the schema, others have had a similar issue.