Remote Web Services Issue

I’ve spent all day trying to configure the edmunds REST API just like the one that’s on the Adding a Remote Web Service to Your DSP blog. I just can’t get it to work. I’ve signed up for a developer account at Edmunds, configure the endpoint and received an api_key. But some strange reason, the api I configured in DSP doesn’t show up in the API Docs. I’m using the Free Hosted Edition. What am I missing?

Have you enabled your CORS settings?

tborja, I don’t think CORS is the issue. I’m trying to configure the backend, so that I can test it by connecting to Edmunds or Rotten Tomatoes.


In order for it to show up in the Live API you’ll need to configure your .json file and upload it into the swagger/custom directory on your hosted version. Have a look at this guide:

…and, head down to the part that says “Upload the movies API definition from a JSON file”

This will show you exactly how to edit your json file to match up with your webservice - let me know how it goes!


  • Mark

Hi Guys,

I joined! And first off, its a great product/service. Welldone DreamFactory!!!

Now my issue: I read the Add a REST API to any SQL DB in Minutes and signed up. I setup new service: Remote SQL DB and put in the credentials for a hosted MySQL DB. In testing the service (new API), I got the error message: “Failed to launch service “wfi”: CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.”

I have gone through this forum and can’t seem to find any headway.

PS: the MYSQL DB is on a shared hosted website server.

Could be a permissions issue connecting to your remote database. Best thing to do is contact to troubleshoot. We’re writing up a troubleshooting guide on the wiki, but it’s not done yet.