CORS problem automatically reset itself [Heroku hosted]

Please help,
I’m currently having my dreamfactory hosted on Heroku. I configured my CORS to ‘*’ and everything work fine. But when I leave the app idle for a couple of hours, the CORS configuration automatically reset itself and all saved configuration under CORS section is lost.

I’m using
Database Version: 1.7.0
DreamFactory Services Platform Version: 1.8.2

Any idea how I can fix this annoying problem?

I figured out that the problem is in the Heroku DreamFactory image.

I moved my dreamfactory to DigitalOcean cloud hosting, the disadvantage of this move is that DigitalOcean is a paid service, but through there referral program they deposit for you $10 which is good for 2 month

I installed Dreamfactory by following instructions from this link

Just so everyone knows, Heroku doesn’t support persistence of these settings when made only on the server-side. You should apply your settings and then push to Heroku. From this thread: