CORS settings keep on resetting

Occasionally (repeatedly) the CORS settings disappears. I’m on the free tier of Heroku - no idea why this is happening.

On a side note, I’ve posted about four or five questions on this forum and haven’t had a single response yet. Dreamfactory is a great little app, but without serious it’s not going to be a serious contender for production (especially given how buggy it is). It really feels like a pre-beta release, and I think the 1.x version is pretty misleading.

I have the same problem CORS problem automatically reset itself [Heroku hosted]

I figured out that the problem is in the Heroku DreamFactory image.

I moved my dreamfactory to DigitalOcean cloud hosting, the disadvantage of this move is that DigitalOcean is a paid service, but through there referral program they deposit for you $10 which is good for 2 month

I installed Dreamfactory by following instructions from this link

The Heroku install has only been available for a few weeks, we are still discovering best practices.

You need to create and configure your app on a local desktop install and then push that to Heroku. If you set up CORS from the admin console running on Heroku then the config file will not be persistent. Let us know if that works for you.

If developers dont have an answer on the forum we also have paid support.

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