Creating a custom cms (php) using dreamfactory rest apis: good idea?

Hi to all of you!
I’m really a newbie so please be patient…

I used a lot of different cms and every one of them seems good at first but everyone of them has his limitations…

Sometime the best solutions i building an entire cms from a scratch but clients are not happy with time compsuntion and money compsuntion too…

The first time i’ve seen dreamfactory i thought it could be great to create custom cms for my clients using standard php and dreamfactory to get and store infos on db.

In practical terms:
i’m very interested in creating a custom php cms with inline editing (sitecake like), but with more sophisticated logic and using a db to store infos instead of a file one.

do you think that dreamfactory (rest apis) could be the right choice? ore the lag of the response of the api could make it a bad idea? Do you want me to suggest a more practical choice?

(maybe is not the perfect place to ask… but at my studio nobody has never heard about df but we all look at it as a probably interesting tool).

Thank you!

Sounds like there’s not much experience in the community doing what you’re doing. Have you mocked up a proof of concept using DreamFactory? I’d love to see what you’ve done and help out if you hit any snags.