Understanding if DreamFactory is for me with specific cases

I’m sure how to receive individual support within the first free 30 days. Anyway, I have two concerns which make me doubt if using DreamFactory:

  1. I want to build an app which is basically a Google Map where users can pin a suggestion text in a specific place on the map. Users can vote if they like that suggestion. How could DreamFactory help me with that?

  2. I want t build an web application which is a reservation system where users can post activities. Other users can join those activities (and pay for them). People can keep credit bank within the system if they wish. How could DreamFactory help me with that? In this case I believe it is better to look for a similar CMS an personalize it, but maybe you believe DreamFactory could be a better option in this case too.

Thanks for making DreamFactory. I’m very excited in this open source nobackend movement. I love the backend is PHP too…


  1. DSP can be set up to call external web services and third-party APIs, both through Services and through server-side scripting. If you have an API set up to receive data/text input and API calls from your DSP (such as Google Maps), just making a client call to your DSP with the proper parameters or calling a script that then calls the external service with the proper parameters would allow you to manipulate the data and API however your desired implementation requires. You can also use caching, addition/exclusion of parameters, and addition/exclusion of HTTP headers via DSP.

  2. DSP provides user management, credentials and API key obfuscation, easy CRUD operations on all popular database back-end solutions so you can easily store and retrieve your data, built-in and external file storage for more static data, and easy lookups and variables configuration for dynamic responses. How you use these and other features of DSP to accomplish your application’s needs will greatly depend on you and your implementation.