Custom Script Output to Logs: 166MB!

I have written a custom script to retrieve files from our server. I’ve been toying around with it and tested downloading a ton of files (actually, zipped a directory(s) and then downloaded them). Unfortunately, DF seems to log all of this output into the /storage/dreamfactory.log.

So if I have a 150mb download, it writes 150mb of jibberish into the log file. Anyone know if I can force the script NOT to write to the DF log? it will say: “local.INFO: Script ‘customscript’ output” and then proceed to write 150mb of nonsense.

As you can imagine, the log becomes incredibly inflated very fast.

Maybe something like on this topic could help you.

Removing some configuration of .env file.

Thanks Kim, I tried as suggested- no luck!:

APP_ENV = production
APP_DEBUG = false

I’ll let you and the community know if I come up with something.

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