Custom Scripting Service - Python option missing?


I just setup my first Dreamfactory installation today (Cloned from Github and setup according to the installation guide in the wiki).

My intention was to use Python scripting, however I noted that the option is not available under when I create a new Custom Scripting Service.
Only V8js, PHP and Node.js are listed as options for the Script Engine Type.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find more information about it in the documentation, and according to the official tutorial (, the option should be there…

Am I missing something? :slight_smile:


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Python scripting will be in the next release Apr 22. The docs are out a bit early, sorry for the confusion.

Is Python scripting included with 2.1.2 release?



Yes. 2.1.2 include support for Python scripting.

Drew, We installed 2.1.2 but don’t see the Python script option. Are we missing something?


How did you get to 2.1.2? It’s definitely supposed to be there.

Updated from Github source… here is our displayed version:
Admin Application Version: 2.1.5
DreamFactory Version: 2.1.2

My expectation is that Python would be appear as an option from the script type/ language drop down. Is there something we need to do on our end to enable this?

I think your update was not complete, as you should be on Admin App 2.1.6

Redo the update process on the wiki and make sure to pay close attention to any errors you encounter. I suspect the composer install step was not completed successfully.


Thanks, you are correct. I believe MongoDB driver is now required, which caused a composer error and, thus, no update.


That’s right. I’ve got instructions on the wiki for Bitnami Windows and manual Linux installations. More instructions will be forthcoming.

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