Scripting Not Activated?!

Hi All,

I’ve been using DF for years, in a very simple way, but I’ve recently decided to use it for a real full-scale project. I have a working REST API that woks great, but I need to use a server-side script on POST-ing to a specific endpoint.

I’ve enabled SCRIPT access in the role, and have applied the role as needed, I’ve marked the script as “active”, but the scripts aren’t running. No matter what I try, and I’ve been for days, I can’t seem to figure out why the scripts simply aren’t being executed.

Is there a hidden switch, or some back-end installation needed to enable the scripting engine? Nothing appears wrong in the GUI, but the scripts simply don’t run.

At this point, I have a single-line script that just prints something to the log, to prove that it’s running. Once that happens, then I think things will fall into place, but things just are’t being executed.

Thanks so much for any help! I’ve loved DreamFactory since I was in college and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten frustrated with it, so hopefully I’m simply missing something.

Rob S.

Any luck on this Robert? I’m having the same problem. It’s quite frustrating why my working http service I can’t get a simple print statement to log to dreamfactory.log. It works on a db service though.

Hi @Robert_Staples,

Have you enabled scripting in your .env file? There is a section that needs to be uncommented and the path set. Please let me know!! Which endpoint are you trying to get to?



Hi, I realized, after much frustration that the Bitnami XAMPP that I was using didn’t come with Python installed. It had the option in the web interface, but since Python was not installed on the backend, it wouldn’t execute the script. A simple apt-get installation on Python ended up solving my problem (After day or two of frustration…). Been running the app using that custom Python endpoint for months now! Dreamfactory is a heck of a tool!

Hi Erik,

Thank you for the response. See my answer to the other user. A frustrating find, but it seems to have been an issue with the Bitnami package not including Python. Since then, everything works great.

@Robert_Staples ugh, yeah I ran into the same issue on Bitnami. I am relatively new to Bitnami and didn’t realize how many things are NOT in the package. There are certainly some things I wish they would do a bit better. Thanks for responding to Nick and so sorry for the frustration!