Custom scripts directory

I have a question:
I want to create a scheduled task that is able to launch every day a custom script.
In the panel of Task scheduler of Windows I must locate the file *.js that I want to launch.
The problem is that I dont find the script file edited with the Dreamfactory custom script editor.
Why that ? Of course I saved the script in the editor and i tried too to close Firefox.
If I reopen Firefox I can find the script that I edited, but I’m not able to locate it in a directory of my PC (windows 8.1)
Bitnami Dreamfactory 1.9.4-0.
thank you for the help
Maurizio Porro

I’m sorry.
I found now the directory.
Thank you anyway.

For the benefit of the reader, server-side event scripts are stored in

{install directory}/platform/storage/.private/scripts 

and custom scripts are stored in

{install directory}/platform/storage/.private/scripts.user
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thank you for the answer

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Where could I find the location of a Custom Service script on a DreamFactory 2.1 (Windows) install?

In DreamFactory version 2.* scripts are stored in the database, not in file storage. For custom script services, they’re in the table called script_config. For event scripts, they’re in the table called event_script

i’ve set the event body to NULL and set the is_active flag to ‘0’ in that table, but still triggers. why?