Dashboard for Server Side Scripting

I have quite a few server side scripts, which I am using in DSP.

However, as the number is growing, I don’t know a way to manage them.
I need to not only remember where all I had written an Event Script, but I also have to navigate through the multiple steps to reach my server side script.

I was wondering if there is a way for me to access all my script at one time. Sort of a dashboard etc.
Otherwise this remembering and navigating is a bit annoying.

Thanks !

There’s currently not a good UI to manage a lot of scripts, but this is a feature we plan to add after the 2.0 release which is coming up in late March.

Thanks @benbusse would await the release !

@praveen You’re correct that in the current UI it quickly becomes difficult to manage scripts, or even remember which events have associated scripts. Like Ben said, multiple improvements on this UI are planned for 2.0.

At this time, what I would do is simply manage my scripts in the filesystem rather than through the Admin Console. If you use an IDE, you could also add the scripts directories to it and manage them from there.

In a Linux Bitnami install, the scripts are found in two directories:




My method is, of course, very hands-on, but until we make the necessary enhancements to the Admin Console UI, it’s the most convenient for me.

@jeffreystables… I dont se any of the mentioned folder in the config folder :frowning:
Please advice.

I have linux bitnami install on EC2

Sorry, I went too deep! The scripts and scripts.user directories are under


I have edited my post above to reflect the correct paths.

Awesome Thanks a lot @jeffreystables !
That is all I wanted. Now I wont have to wait for the GUI :smile:

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