Customized password reset screen

Right now when a user forgets his password and requests a reset, the link emailed to them goes to the dreamfactory ui. Is there a way to customize this? I don’t want users seeing the dreamfactory ui etc I just want them to see something customized and branded for my app…

You can edit the email templates in the admin console under Config->Email Templates.

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I realised that with the code I could get a new password with
$body = array( ‘email’ => $email, “code”=>$code, “new_password”=> $newPassword);
My mistake was I was still using reset=true. Which should not be added when calling with the password reset api call with the “code”.

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I have the same issue Im still not sure how I would implement this.

I have created a password reset form on my site. It communicates with and sends a password reset link (customised with my own link back to However aren’t we back to square 1 because there is no api call to update the password - without knowing a security question, or being logged in?

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I took the example DF javascript website and turned it into a generic password reset web app. Is there someplace I can post this example for others to use? Perhaps on github?

We have a repo for users to post example scripts, but not one for something like this. Let me talk to the team and see if this is something they might want to set up.