DreamFactory password reset

Hello, I know that outage from 12th August is solved, but it’s somehow the same topic for me.

I registered a while ago, but reseted the password now for cloud and create a dsp sandbox. When trying to log in there, it does not find my email address. Additionally if I am opening any of the apps from the Launchpad, it shows 404 for the /data/… directory.

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Early this morning, our system was switched from the DreamFactory 1.x product to the DreamFactory 2.0 beta. Users were not transferred. If you register on dreamfactory.com now, then your account is created on the new system and you may reset your password here: https://dashboard.enterprise.dreamfactory.com/password/email

Since you registered prior to the switch, try logging in here: https://dashboard.cloud.dreamfactory.com/web/login Password resets are not currently supported on the old environment, so if you navigate there and cannot login, you should just go to dreamfactory.com and create a new account.

If you need to reset the password on a single instance of DreamFactory, you must either use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page or edit the database directly to allow creation of a new admin account (instructions here). Since we do not give you access to the database behind the free sandbox system at dreamfactory.com, if you have not set up an email service to be used for password resets then you will be unable to reset the password on an instance that we host.