Dashboard Free Cloud Hosting

Is there going to be a cost to hosted version anytime the future? I understand that is free, is there an SLA available for paid accounts? Also, apart from server side scripting, what other features are not available to hosted, or what features are available if we host our dream factory. Has anyone hosted dreamfactory on a media temple server. How did it go?

From the Free Sandbox Account wiki page,

  1. No service level agreement.
  2. No uptime guarantee.
  3. No performance guarantee.
  4. No server-side events and scripting.

Paid support does not translate to any changes in your sandbox experience. On the other hand, we have no plans to begin charging for the free hosted environment.

You can use your account free of charge for as long as you want. You can create as many free accounts as you want, build as many applications as you want, set up as many REST services as you want, and make as many API calls as you want.

However, sandbox accounts are for trying out DreamFactory, not for deploying your applications to production.

If you are looking for a production DSP environment that is also hosted, you will probably be interested in the DreamFactory Services Platform Enterprise Edition, which is still a product under development. I recommend contacting sales@dreamfactory.com for more details on that.