Datetime filter param not working after 2.3 update from 2.1

array(6) {
string(33) “created_at >= 2016-10-01 08:13:27”
string(1) “*”
string(4) “feed”
string(15) “created_at DESC”

this filter in a php server side script worked fine before the 2.3 update. Now it throws “message”: “Filter value lists must be wrapped in parentheses.”,

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@nvasilescu what kind of database are you trying to get data from? I’ve been testing on a fresh 2.3 and haven’t been able to reproduce.

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I’m also getting a lot of this errors after updating to 2.3.1 when trying to add relations to the queries. Using PostgreSQL as backend.

Edit: Found the issue, and it has something to do when joining in a relation on a null value. That worked in earlier editions since it was just ignored. But after 2.3 this throws an error instead. I think this should be fixed to work the old way.