Decentralised DreamFactory Hackathon

I’m organising a microservices hackathon in London and other locations around the world (Brzil, Peru, Paris, Berlin…). Does anyone want to join in? The event is designed to be a regular series of events where we explore the use of microservices between organisations. In the process we all learn a lot more about DreamFactory and grow the community!

The date is not yet completely fixed but we are looking at an early event mid-May 2018, and the event proper towards the end of July 2018. Participation will be possible online or at local venues.

A core unusual aspect of the hack will be the use of Zoom meetings and breakout sessions. We will use these to facilitate developers working together across authenticated microservices hosted on DreamFactory instances around the world.

Any thoughts, comments and suggestions appreciated.


What kinds of organizations/collaborations are you looking for? I work for the transportation department of a small state in the US and would love to learn more about microservices and find ways of collaborating. Of course, have to sell to management first… More details would be great!


I work for a software development company based in Madrid (Spain), which probably would be interested in participating.