Enterprise Mobile App Dev Meetup September 19th, 2014


Interested in learning a bit more about the what we all love?

Join us in the for an Enterprise Mobile Dev Gathering!

When? Friday, September 19, 2014 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Large Event Room @ Hacker Dojo
599 Fairchild Dr
Mountain View, CA

That’s right! Meetup hangout, and learn about DreamFactory!

Sounds like the perfect evening already… wait there’s more…!

We will be giving away a ChromeBook and a ChromeCast!

Plus, there’s free pizza/healthy food/beer :smile:

What’s the schedule for the evening?

  1. Welcome and Introductions [15 min]
  1. Presentations

a) Dream Factory Mobile REST API Platform [15 mins]

–Ben Busse
Q&A [5 mins]

Ben is a developer evangelist at DreamFactory, will demo the DreamFactory platform, including hosting and installation options, how to connect to backend data sources, live Swagger API documentation, overview of native and HTML5 SDKs, security features for data access control, and server-side features such as scripting and calling stored procedures. 

b) Verasynth Mobile Secure Connectivity [15 mins]

– Puneet
Q&A [5 mins]

  1. Wrap up / announcements [5 min]
  1. Social [1 hr]

Thanks everyone! Enjoy and be sure to come!

  • Mark