Default User Service

Is it possible to use other form of database such as mongodb to store user management service?

If so, do I modify local db or other services?

If not, is there a way I can implement my old login api service via dreamfactory? anyway simple example or related tutorial it would be great thanks!



The system database can be run on sqlite, mysql, postgres, and as of version 2.1, MS SQL.
MongoDB or any NoSQL type databases are not in view for us for the system database, as it is by nature structured.

We don’t have any tutorials for the type of login you’re wanting to do, but it seems your best best would be to do a custom script that uses platform.api to call your custom login utility, and if successful you could then establish a session with DF using some stored credentials (perhaps create a matching user for each user in your mongodb service and store their DF credentials in your mongodb.)

Can I use external mysql service instead with user service?