DF 2.02 bitnami installer, connect to mongodb with 3rd party clients

Hi, has any one connect to mongodb with a 3rd party client?

mongoDB admin user is called ‘root’, and its password is the same as the
DreamFactory administrative user password.

the lines above are from bitnami readme , I try to connect with that info and does not work, here is a screenshot of what the mongodb connection string looks like on bitnami side


I have successfully done this using third party tools. The username should be root, if you want full access. The password is the password you set during Bitnami install process. The installer asked you for a root password for both mysql and mongodb (same password.)
As an example for anyone wondering I was also able to connect using the mongodb shell. In my terminal I changed to the directory that houses the mongo binary (/Applications/dreamfactory-2.0.1-1/mongodb/bin)
and then used this connection command:
./mongo --port 27018 -u root -p myrootpassword --authenticationDatabase admin

(non standard port for me because I have multiple instances.)