DF 2x upgrade to latest 2x (2.3 at the moment topic is created)

I use generic Web hosting to run DF, installed from source.
Decided to upgrade to the latest one (2.3 at the moment).
Did backup stuff, as appropriate. Preserved config files from previous installation, deployed sources, migrated DB. First run 1) empty page is shown, as response suggests, form Environment.php file, line 154:
public static function isDemoApplication()
return file_exists(_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/../../.bitnamimeta/demo_machine"); } as soon as its is fixed like: `return false;// file_exists(_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”] . “/…/…/.bitnamimeta/demo_machine”);`
a login page finally showed up.
2) Upon logon is complete, the following error:
HTTP400: BAD REQUEST - The request could not be processed by the server due to invalid syntax.
(XHR)GET - /api/v2/system/service?include_components=true&include_count=true&limit=100&related=service_doc_by_service_id
start popping up in developer console in browser.
3) Admin interface shows no services.
4) Attempt to create a new one results in the same error, response implies that “Unknown relationship: service_doc_by_service_id”

Fixed. I’ve found service_doc_by_service_id relation mention in user_cutom table, where admin user parameters were saved. After deleting legacy record which was there since previous version of DF, things started to work OK. My guess, DB migration scripts missed that point.

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Thanks for updating the thread with your fix @Vsevolod_Gromov.

We will look further into this.