Disabling Launchpad

I’m using open registration. Users self register via the api. They get the email, they click the confirm link. They enter their password and click ok. Can I redirect them away from the launchpad to another URL? I don’t want any users to see the launchpad.

Hi @Rudy_Hinojosa ,

You can disable to the LaunchPad by following these steps:

  1. Install the grunt cli and other pre-reqs:
sudo npm install -g bower
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
cd ~/repos/df-admin-app (or wherever your repo is)
npm install
bower install (creates sym link app/bower_components)
  1. Modify app/scripts/controllers/main.js
  2. Run grunt build from angular root directory

When you refresh the page you will see the LaunchPad is disabled.

With regards to redirecting the new user away from the from the launchpad when they supply a password, I will get back to you. I need to find the redirect in the code.

Excellent. I temporarily found the landing page and alter the text to state “You may close this window” or something of the sorts. but it would be great to have them return back to the originating front end.