DSP on Hosted Edition

I created and configured a test app in my DSP and it crashed. Now I can’t get back to the DSP configuration pages. Instead it’s showing the default HTML test page.


Hey - give me a second here to look into what’s going on.


  • Mark

It looks like things cleared up. Please disregard.

Okay - sounds good.


Yeah. The DSp was acting up for a while. Don’t know what happen.

Could’ve pushed the upgrade…

: )

double checking on that right now…

The problem is back again!!

I logged out and it happened.

Okay - looks like this issue is related to having guest services enabled. Give me a little time and we’ll have it sorted out for you.


  • Mark

So, it looks like the problem is related to guest access when pointing to certain default apps.

In 1.6, our launchpad background is apparently black/dark gray.

“For apps like the todo app (which looks fine) that declare a background on body in css, they are ok, but if they don’t they get launchpad’s background, which is why black text doesn’t show up, but the buttons do.”

You’re going to need to set a background color on your CSS for your default app - this will solve the problem.


  • Mark

I disabled Guest access for now. Thanks.