Does dreamfactory upgrade cost money?

Hi all,
I’m trying to migrate from V2.12.0-1 to V4.2.0 (to update php version)(with mariadb). When I want to create new services with php code, it’s impossible. Do I need a license ?

Hi @Sandy.

Yes, you need to upgrade to a licensed version of DreamFactory to consume the scripting and MariaDB services. Here is a link to a pricing page -

If you would like to discuss or find out more about the same please feel free to reach out -


If there are other developers that think that this pricing and the policy of Dreamfactory Company is ridiculous, I offer to fork the last free version with full access in github and to continue to develop updates as free versions of dreamfactory. If we find enough developers to support the idea of open software we can reach it. Im an not willing to be caught by using open source software only to find out that a Company highjacks this software, reduces the abilities of the software to sell the full capability for 500 US$ per month! If there are developers that support my idea, please contact me.

I already forked version 2.14.2. You can find it here: