Dreamfactory 2.0 documentation issues


I’ve been checking the documentation for version 2.0 API but it seems it’s not yet 100% complete? I’m referring to this link here

When clicking on the following:

System Configuration
Common Features
Global Config
User Profile Management
Common Features
Database Services
File Storage Services
Email Services
Remote Web Services

I get a page stating the message below:

There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page.

Is the documentation not yet ready?


Hello @allensandiego , the doc 2.0 is not all available, but this is being done in the coming weeks.

It is worth checking the video with the overview of V2 https://youtu.be/zxL4tae2H1k

Perhaps you’ve seen, but I’ll leave the link to doc 1.9.x https://github.com/dreamfactorysoftware/dsp-core/wiki that has many similarities with version 2.0.

thanks @juniorconte for letting everyone know that docs are forthcoming. we’re shooting to have the docs wrapped up and in good shape by december 20th.

Thanks for the info.