Error Viewing Raw API Docs

Getting an error when trying to view the “raw” api documentation in Dreamfactory 2.0

This was a known bug in an early version of the 2.0 beta, but is marked as resolved with code committed 6 days ago. How recently have you updated your local code?

The workaround in the meantime, if you need the raw JSON definition of api_docs or of any particular service, is to call the API at /api/v2/api_docs if you need the raw JSON for all services, or /api/v2/api_docs/{servicename} for the raw definition of a single service.

Thanks. I’ll give try updating the code from github. I was using the Bitnami VM.

This is issue is also happening in the DreamFactory hosted instance. Not sure if that’s running old code or what.

That’s correct, neither the hosted sandbox system nor Bitnami’s latest release (beta 3) have this fix included yet.