Dreamfactory doesn't recognize defined params in database functions


my problem is, that I can’t pass parameters from my ExtJs application to my defined functions in the database (postgreSQL).
I found several solutions in internet how to send the params to dreamfactory, but none of them functions.

I always get a 500 Response, that the handedover params don’t fit their definition in the database.

If I call /api/v2/db/_func?ids=functionname in Postman for example I get the following result:
“resource”: [
“alias”: null,
“name”: “functionname”,
“label”: “functionname”,
“description”: null,
“native”: [],
“return_type”: “integer”,
“return_schema”: [],
“params”: [],
“access”: 31

So here I can see, that according to dreamfactory it don’t even exist parameters.
But they are defined in the definition of the functions in the database and all worked correctly when I was using Dreamfactory 1.9. I recently updated to Dreamfactory 2.4.2.

How is it, that I have this error?
What must I do, that this works correctly?
Thank you in advance for any hint.
Best regards

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