Dreamfactroy 2.4.2: Calls to some postgres functions leads to 404 Response


my problem is as follows:

No matter how I try to call some of the defined functions in my postgres DB, I always get a 404 Not Found response.
I tested this from my application, Postman developer tool and also in the Dreamfactory Service Plattform.

I checked if I can select those functions for assigning them to a special role (Assign Service Access) and they aren’t listed there.
I maked out, that 3 of my defined postgres functions are missing and the remaining 8 are listed (_func/functionname).
(But that was only for verification. I assigned all components of my database to the used role).

So I tried to restart the bitnami services several times, refreshed the Schema in Dreamfactory Service Plattform >> Schema and deleted my functions in the database and created them again.
But all those attempts have been unsuccessful.

Why aren’t some functions recognized?
Except those functiones I didn’t notice, that any database object isn’t listed.

How can I resolve this?

Thank you in advance for any hint
Best Regards