DreamFactory Enterprise installation errors

On a fresh Ubuntu server I have followed these instructions to install DF Enterprice,

After a lot of efforts to make it work I am on a stale state where the nothing works actually.
Check these screenshots,

  1. http://prntscr.com/9bh16a -> dashboard.dfe.example.com
  2. prntscr.com/9bh1uy -> console.dfe.example.com

If you check the screenshot, every single of this urls comes up with a different error!
Any help will be appreciated.

Please attach the file /tmp/dfe-installer.log. it appears there was a problem during installation.

Thank you for the response.
Here’s the file.
I renamed it in order to be able to upload it.

UPD: It seems that I can not upload and you to view it, so here is a public link to download it from:

Great, thanks!

You’ll notice a failure early on during user creation.

I haven’t seen this before and will need to investigate.

However, it does appear you’re using the “wily” release. We only support 14.04.* at this time. Probably why we haven’t seen that particular error.

Spin up a 14.04 server and give it a go please.

Thank you!
Will do and let you know how it goes!