Dreamfactory IIS Installation


I have searched for DF IIS installation and documentation points to GITHUB for instructions.When in GITHUB, the instructions are only for Windows and requires and installation of WAMP. Has anyone installed dreamfactory on IIS?

I’ve installed on IIS 7.5 and it perfectly works well. You first need to install URL Rewrite and Import rules from .htaccess file.
Also remember that the root directory is under ./dreamfactory/web

Hi brostoch,

Can you point me to the documentation you referred to during installation? I don’t have IIS experience :slight_smile:

We would also be interested in someone creating such documentation. If it’s robust and the author is willing to contribute, we can add it to our wiki.

I’m also in need of good documentation as I need to install DSP on production IIS server. If I use bitnami installer for installing DSP on windows server that is hosting several IIS applications, will there be any conflict or impact?
Anyone please post a good doc link. fingers crossed

I don’t recommend running two web servers (Apache + IIS) on the same machine. I can imagine many issues that may arise from such a setup. But if it’s an absolute requirement of your use case to run both IIS and Apache and have only one server, I recommend running the DreamFactory instance as a guest VM.

Several customers have DreamFactory up and running on IIS–but since we’re not the IIS experts, it was their own task to implement and configure. I just know that it’s been done successfully by IIS experts.

@brostoch, any chance you could share the process you used (cookbook for an idiot like me) to do the installation on IIS?