DreamFactory incompatibility with Google Chrome

I have installed Bitnami DreamFactory but I had compatibility issues with Google Chrome. I was able to run it correctly with Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
In Google Chrome there is many issues such as drop-down lists is not showing its content (For example I was not able to select DB Service). Also Config page is not visualized correctly.
I am using Windows 10 with the most recent version of Google Chrome (47.0.2526.106 m)
Are you aware of this incompatibility?

@raafat.zarka this is unusual behavior. Did you try restarting DreamFactory and flushing the system-cache? When you experienced this had you just started DreamFactory? The config page not visualizing correctly issue, can you elaborate on this? What exactly are you seeing? Could you provide a screenshot by emailing support@dreamfactory.com ?

Yes I restarted DreamFactory many times and flushed the system cache. I cannot anymore provide the screenshot because I completely removed this version and I downgrade back to an old version 1.9 until this version is stable. But I can tell you that in the config page all the left menu was not appearing at all and many buttons were not working such as the flushing button. Thanks for your reply.

We have not been able to duplicate this problem. However, I have seen issues with the admin UI in the past, where a browser plugin could be interfering with the interface. Have you tried with a clean browser (no plugins?)

Please know that version 1.9 is approaching End of Life. Probably this quarter will be official end of life/end of support.