Missing Most Of Home Page

I installed the Bitnami Ubuntu 16.04 version of DF2 and the admin section seems to be fine so far but much of the home page seems to be missing. Everything below “Written Tutorials” is blank. I can see only a small section of the top of the introduction video.

In Chrome Dev Tools there is nothing more than what I see rendered. The welcome.html is only 225 px high. Below that nothing downloaded or rendered.

Same with all the pages in the Home section. Quickstart has just three bullet points. Resources has down to videos. Download has only the paragraph at the top.

Same problem with the Packages page. A login modal dialog is there but I can only see a little of the top. Can’t scroll it to login. After logging in elsewhere I then can see what seems to be the whole page and no errors.

There is one error while loading the page:

vendor.e9c9743f.js:3 GET{{%20trustUrl(link.href)%20}} 404 (Not Found)

Really strange. Any ideas?

I rebooted my Mac and everything works. Then I opened the Chrome Developer Tools which I do on every window used in app dev and that caused the problem. Really weird. I haven’t seen this before. It’s a DreamFactory bug that should be fixed.

@jmpreston I haven’t been able to reproduce. If you believe you’ve found a bug you can file it on the team GitHub with steps to reproduce and details about your setup to include DreamFactory version.

Display the home view in Chrome then open Developer Tools or just shrink the browser width. Once the view is narrow enough to trigger the hamburger menus then the problems begin. It appears to be a responsive design css issue. Should be easy to fix. I’ll post to Github Issues.

@jmpreston thanks. All bugs should go to GitHub.