Dreamfactory script error 403


I tried to use dreamfactory script for register user.
I called ‘user/register’ API. But! It returned to me the error what ’ 403 POST access to component ‘register’ of service ‘user’ is not allowed by this user’s role.’.

It dosen’t work when copying dreamfactory files what working good.

My Dreamfactory server version is 2.1.5. and all role’s option is ‘*’. and service too.

what can i do? and what is the problem?

Thanks for watching!

In the Access tab for the desired user (in Roles tab), check that user/register has ‘SCRIPT’ checked as a ‘Requester’ (4th column, the default is just API); not sure if this is your problem, but it is required for scripts to be able to use an api

Thanks for you’re answer! It’s Work! :joy: