DreamFactory User Considerations

Hi, I am planning a solution that involves probably a bunch of 6-8 apps each for specific things in a social engagement platform. So apps will include games, chats, draws, surveys etc. Am using DF 2.0 and have some admin users for each app. On the other hand, I have like 3-4 roles for each service connected to the apps you know for full access to review access and then limited access. My users are supposed to be created (based on my design) with access to at least one of the roles for each service (depending of course on the user).
So i created a test user (not an administrator user), who has at least a role (based on the explanation above) for each of the 8 services.

But when i log into DF 2.0 using the test user i created, i have this 401 Invalid Credentials Supplied error. Can anyone please provide some clarifications and insights.

Or how do i go about creating user(s) from mobile apps to meet this roles and application services without any issues. I have though read all your materials and forum post on Users but i seem to be mixing something(s) up.