Dynamodb user table

Is it possible to have the key as a email array like the following setup?

“email”:[ {“email” : "email1@email.com", “type”:“primary”},
{“email” : "email2@email.com", “type”:“secondary”},
{“email” : "email3@email.com", “type”:“secondary”}],
“phone”:[ {“phone” : “8128123713”, “type”:“mobile”},
{“phone” : “9923402340”, “type”:“home”}],

I would like to use email array is key which I can pick email as login

You should be able to create this array, but I’m not sure how you would use it as a key or log in with a part of the array. If this is something supported by DynamoDB, it may be possible, but I would check the DynamoDB documentation to confirm. DSP is just a wrapper on DB calls so if Dynamo supports something we should be agnostic of the particulars and still be able to function.