Global Key usage in email templates

Has anyone attempted to use the Global Keys within the email templates? I can use the system keys just fine but if I add a global key (i.e. {somevalue}) the email is rendered with the literal “{somevalue}”.

This is the description I found on Lookup Keys, but it doesn’t seem to work in my email body:

Using Lookup Keys

The key names can currently be used in the following DSP interfaces and APIs…

in Server-Side Filters in the Role Service Access provisioning.
in the username and password fields required to connect to a SQL or NoSQL database.
in Email Templates in the subject line and message body.
in Remote Web Services as parameters or headers.

Here’s how you would use the lookup keys for username and password on a database service. The system will replace {db_username} and {db_password} with the most specific lookup keys defined for the user making the API call.

Try logging out and logging back in. Lookup keys are handled as part of the session, so you need a new session to have it reflect the changes. If this doesn’t help there is something else going on so let us know. This workaround will not be necessary in our 2.0 product.

Thanks, Todd. I don’t understand why global keys would be part of the session but I tried your recommendation and it didn’t work.

Will wait for version 2.0.

The same lookup key name can exist at the user, role, or global level with a different value at each level. Accessing the API as a single user I get the most specific key starting with user then role then global. The key name evaluates to one of those three values for my user which makes it very session-like, e.g, for this session for user X the value of the key named Y is Z. No need to wait for 2.0 let’s try to figure it out. Can you include a screenshot of your global key definition screen?

Hi Todd –

Since I’m still a new user, I can’t upload images into the forum. I hope you don’t mind me sending it directly to your email address.

I’m trying to use Global Keys to define some of the user management URLs so I can change these later when I deploy to production. I’m new at this so if this is not a best practice, please advise.

I really appreciate your help on this since I think DF is not just a great product but also very educational for people like me looking to transition from MS development to Linux.


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