Empty Array being Returned from MariaDB Table

I’m trying to track down the cause of a peculiar issue with one of our tables…
and (of course) would appreciate any thoughts.

We have an InnoDB table (version 10.1.22-MariaDB) with 65 columns.
It is almost identical (except for six varchar lengths) to a table which is preforming as expected.
When directly queried, the mysql command-line spews forth 249 rows.

When attempting to query the table, via DreamFactory via “API Docs”, curl, or a “Request URL”, I receive:


The “Data” top-level menu item is unresponsive when querying this table; no Fields, and the Data tab never arrives.

I’ve restarted the services, flushed the system-wide cache, reviewed permissions, and scrutinized the schema and data, but have noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

Neither the apache logs nor /opt/bitnami/apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/storage/logs/dreamfactory.log reveal anything of interest.
Even with .env’s APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug, I only see:

local.INFO: [REQUEST] {“API Version”:“2.0”,“Method”:“GET”,“Service”:“myService”,“Resource”:"_table/myTableName"}
local.DEBUG: [REQUEST] {“Parameters”:"[]",“API Key”:“myKey”,“JWT”:“enormouslyLongString”}
local.DEBUG: API event handled: myService._table.{table_name}.get.pre_process
local.DEBUG: API event handled: myService._table.myTableName.get.pre_process

Thanks for reading.
I hope this scenario looks familiar to someone,
and that your day is more productive than mine!