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Welcome to the DreamFactory addicts help group :wink: There are so many awesome members on this forum that we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the cool things you - yes you - are up to!

**Some questions** you may answer to get your juices flowing...feel free to really add anything you would like to - as it relates to this thread!
  • What brings you to the DreamFactory community?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment? Why do you use DreamFactory and what is your favorite thing about it?
  • Tell us a little about yourself, if you wish. What you do, where you work, where you are from!
  • What Technologies/Languages do you work with?
  • What DreamFactory Version are you using?
  • What’s a feature you love?
  • Do you have any feature requests?
  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or seen us at an event?
  • Do you have a cool story to tell about how you’ve used DreamFactory or any examples? Tell it here.
  • What’s one way or suggestion to make this forum and DreamFactory better?

Let's get this party started! Woot! :tada:



Hey DreamFactory folks, I’m Alex. I’m excited to kick this off!

I’m on the Developer Relations team, and will also be involved in the community. I am a lover of all things emoji and GIFs - you’ve been warned. :wink:

I’ve done Community Management and Developer Relations for a few different tech startups and software companies, so I’ve worked very closely with developers of pretty much every programming language, and more! I’ve also been very involved in the Maker movement and have been to my fair share of Maker Faires! I love IoT and how technology can solve the world’s most pressing problems. Open Source is on the rise, and so is the developer community. Developers are a key part in growing the solutions created with open source. That’s why I am here. I am keen to inspire, nurture and find ways to succeed and change the world together!

I strongly believe that open source technology is the future of business and community. That is also why I am particularly excited to be a part of DreamFactory Software. Their solutions are the perfect incubator for creating positive change and elevating business solutions. It’s a competitive edge that helps you get your work done in a transformational way and creates opportunities for your ideas to flourish. Let’s transform business as usual - together!

You can find me at events, hackathons and conferences around the world. I will also be managing this online community forum and our social media channels. Tweet to me anytime. Can’t wait to see you on our forums, social media and at an event!

Check out my first blog post that introduces me to the team, here!


Hey everyone, I’m Tracy, also a part of the Developer Relations team with DreamFactory!

I consider myself a designer-developer-entreprenerd — I’ve been building websites since 1996, have a degree in Art & Design, taught myself Python and launched a startup, and also wrote a couple books on beginner web app development.

I’m so excited to be a part of the DreamFactory community and I look forward to collaborating more with the community in the meetups I’m running or meeting others at one of the conferences I’m speaking at or attending. I also wrote a short introductory blog post on the DreamFactory blog too!

Chat with me on Twitter any time, looking forward to seeing y’all around the internet!


Hey y’all (can I use y’all on the internet?)
I’m Drew, part of the DreamFactory support team. You’ve probably seen my goofy mug around here trying to answer questions.

I consider myself a professional geek, and my background before showing up at DreamFactory was in systems admin, video production IT, and freelance web “development” (hacking other people’s code.) I’m now working in Technical Sales at a large consulting company, but I’m still actively working with DreamFactory in my personal projects. It’s such a great tool.

You can tweet @ me anytime if that’s your thing.

Happy Internetting!


Hello everyone, I am a Brazilian developer and I’ve done some cool stuff using DreamFactory.
I have spoken a little of that in this post http://blog.dreamfactory.com/connecting-data-connecting-families

I am part of Staff of the developer community in the province where I live, and I’m starting to organize events like this http://www.meetup.com/developerparana/events/231049696 , to talk about DreamFactory here.

You find me on Twitter or GitHub with @juniorconte



Hey all,

I’m Ben, head of the product team at DreamFactory.

I’m originally from Virginia, but have lived in San Francisco for the last twenty years. I love building software and started programming games for fun in the 5th grade. After studying industrial engineering, I began my career in the Bay Area working on supply chain optimization for big pharma clients (lots of Monte Carlo simulations on terabyte sized databases when that was considered “big data”!). I then moved into product management for a number of enterprise software startups and did a two year stint in Hong Kong for a finance software company partnered with the World Bank. I joined DreamFactory in 2006 as product lead for our Salesforce products before moving to the DreamFactory open source project.

Outside of work I’m usually outside. I enjoy surfing out at Ocean Beach in SF, camping, fishing, and foraging for morels up in the Sierras. I enjoy traveling too, so many places to see! I love exploring new technologies, particularly APIs for everything (so much more to do!), IoT, bitcoin, blockchain, machine learning, quantum computing, and cryptography.

I’m super excited to see the DreamFactory community grow and learn how folks are using DreamFactory to build great stuff! I’m on Twitter, get in touch anytime!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Matt Schaer and I am like @drewpearce also a member of the DreamFactory Support Team in our Atlanta,GA US office. We have likely spoken in chat or maybe interacted in the forums and to echo what Drew said apologies if we don’t necessarily get to them all!

I sort of stumbled in to the technology field but fell in love the day I built my first server and racked it in the data center. Since that day I have had the opportunity to work in a diverse number of positions ranging from IPTV/Content Delivery to large scale distributed digital signage networks, at times up to 45,000 screens!

My most recent position before joining the DreamFactory team was working for a global data privacy, asset management, and business intelligence software company as Senior Solutions and Support Specialist. In this position I assisted organizations in establishing ethical strategies for managing risk and meeting compliance while adopting green technologies to tackle the growing issue of e-waste.

While I was happy in my former position the opportunity came to join the DreamFactory team and I couldn’t turn it down. I enjoy working with not only the DreamFactory product but also the DreamFactory team who are upbeat, fun and most all dedicated to what they do!

In my spare time I enjoy collecting records, riding my bike, skateboarding, traveling, and annoying my girlfriend and our two cats with my silly antics.

I look forward to watching this community grow and seeing what projects you are working on using DreamFactory!


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Hello! I’m Jess, the head of developer relations here at DreamFactory. I’m hoping to get us doing more exciting things with our community of developers working with DreamFactory both online in spaces like these and out in the real world.

I’m from the US originally, but am living in the UK now. I’m a happy generalist with technology, but working with DreamFactory has steeled my resolve to jump into learning some Laravel to better support the project. So if you’re using Laravel and have any tips, say hello? :slight_smile:

I’m all over the place, rushing from exciting event to exciting event to talk to our community members about what they’re building. If you see me out there, some tell me what you’re working on!


New Members! May - June 2016

Let’s welcome all of our new 43 members :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands: to the community! Every month, we take a minute to show some love to our new members, and give you all an opportunity to introduce yourselves! YOU’RE ONE OF US NOW!

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Hi everybody! I’m Josh Dzielak and I’m a Developer Advocate for Algolia, living in Paris but most recently from San Francisco. Algolia makes some seriously cool search tech, all available via API. Before Algolia I helped build a company called Keen IO and was for a while the Open Sorcerer, writing code and content and building a community of analytics API experts.

So yeah… I like community and I like APIs… a lot :slight_smile: I’m hoping to crank out my first DreamFactory project soon. If you have any search or analytics related questions throw ‘em at me, I’m intimately familiar with all manner of databases including many of the ones that work with DreamFactory. Until then…


I’m Vsevolod, head of development team from Moscow.
Despite the fact that our main vector is embedded and system programming, that means C, C++, and ARMASM, we always like to get new inspirational ideas and technologies from Webapp world.
I was deeply impressed by DF infrastructure, the way it revolutionize Webapp development and deployment process.
Can’t wait to try it for creating data collection and analysis center for our IoT products.
I decided to start the hard way though, installing and configuring DF on generic web hosting from source.
Started with DF 2.2.0,
Hosting is FreeBSD 8.4, no MongoDB,
MySQL 5.5.46
PHP 5.6.18
While it was not exactly a peace of cake, I’ve managed to install, configure, and run DF there, and it works mostly OK. Hopefully, the rest of unresolved stuff will be clarified with the help of your marvelous community.


New Members! June - July 2016

Let’s welcome all of our new 34 members :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands: to the community! Every month, we take a minute to show some love to our new members, and give you all an opportunity to introduce yourselves! YOU’RE ONE OF US NOW!


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Hello Everyone!! Myself Hariharaprabu, ​​Collaborator – ​​Customer Experience Management & Software Developer from India.

I Really Happy to become a part of Developer Relations team with Dreamfactory,

I Would like to say Thanks to everyone in the Dreamfactory Support team. Because Whenever I had any issue and doubt related on the product the support team really gave a solution without fail. Specially thanks to Mr.Drew :slight_smile:.

Just Few month back I started my first Dreamfactory project related on Entertainments. Hope you will give a full support to me and make my project as success.

Thanks @AlexBowen for giving this opportunity to introduce myself.

Thank you guys,


Thank you so much for introducing yourself. Glad you are a part of our community here.

Once your App is a little more developed we’d love for you to share your DreamFactory story. :slight_smile:

I’d love to learn more about what you are working on.



Hi Guys,
I am Ravi from India,
I am an Embedded Systems design engineer by profession. I work as a freelancer for hardware and software development for microcontrollers and most of the time i am working with GSM/GPS/GPRS modules. I have a blog, Embedded world which contains articles mainly on M2M, GPRS communication, GPS tracking, GSM modules, TCP, HTTP communication etc. Most of the projects i work on, involve a kind of data logging system through GPRS. Once i designed hardware and set up TCP/HTTP communication on the firmware, I had no way to test the system sending data to server, Earlier i used to use applications like Socket Test to test the communication.

Somehow i found Dreamfactory and have been glued to it. I install Dreamfactory and show demo to my clients how data is getting logged to server. My clients who had other ideas to develop their own custom backend server software, after seeing the Dreamfactory and the cool things it can do, They have adopted Dreamfactory as their backend system and are quite happy with it. Everything is so easy with it that even i am able to administer it in such a short time.

So far i have developed GPS tracker for personal and Vehicle/asset tracking for 3 customers who are using Dreamfactory as their backend. Hopefully the software continues to develop and more cool features are added.

Many Thanks for the DF team for making such a awesome product :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I am a SAP Consultant from Germany, so I usually develop in ABAP and JS for a living.
As an active member of the local Community I am working on a private project to implement an administration-tool for our activities.

What brings you to the DreamFactory community?
Since I am facing some Issues on the road I thought it is a good idea to look for help here and also share the solutions I found by myself with others who are in the same Situation. Although my knowledge and my english language are quite limited.

Why do you use DreamFactory and what is your favorite thing about it?
I use dreamfactory for accessing the datebase and for usermanagement. My favourite thing is, that the self-hosted version is free and has all the features I need.

What Technologies/Languages do you work with?
ABAP (OO), JS (AngularJS), Java
What DreamFactory Version are you using?
Currently 2.1.1 but I am trying to upgrade to the latest master version, however I am facing some problems:

Have you been to any of our meetups, or seen us at an event?
No not jet. But I would love to.

What’s one way or suggestion to make this forum and DreamFactory better?
The Documentation is quite good for basic purposes, but when it gets any deeper I lack to find the answers.
True there are many helpful Blog-entries from the past, but sometime it is not possible to port them to the current dreamfactory-version, Updates would be nice :wink:

Feature Request
An Updatescript at least for the bitnami installed instances…(nice to have not necessary)

Good luck and happy Programming everyone


Thanks for introducing yourself. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you.

I am wondering, if you can send us any examples on where we need more depth? Even a list, if you have one. Any more details would be super helpful. The update script is being planned.


Hello people.

My name is Aric Caley, and I have been developing in PHP since the early days.

I’ve survived both meltdowns… first the dot com implosion and then the recession (at that time I was developing software for mortgage companies… ).

I’ve use many frameworks over the years and when I started developing my own project, I initially started writing the backend API using Symfony. Since I generally like to start by designing a database first, I then found myself writing a lot of boring boilerplate code to create an API into my database.

Then I discovered Dreamfactory.

I ditched my custom code and brought up a VM of Dreamfactory. Since then I’ve been able to focus almost entirely on just developing my mobile app, using Dreamfactory as my backend.

I’m also proxying several other services through my Dreamfactory VM, like geosvc.com, ionic framework’s APIs, Mailgun, Stripe.com and others.


Hi everyone, my name is Ernesto, and I’m currently trying DreamFactory to see if it is the most suitable solution for our company problems. We are currently trying to find options to expose our SQL Server db as an endpoint or webservice to be consumed by a varierty of clients such as Android app, Rails web appplication etc.