Error 500 from API in all requests - Windows

Hi guys!

I can’t request any services from my app, all requests returns error 500 like in the picture.

I tried restarting the services, restarting the computer…tried to change CORS and ROLES and nothing worked

API Docs is working fine, I can create a user and login from the API docs…

Anyone with the same problem?

My installation DF 2.1.3. Bitnami Installer on Windows 10

Apache running on 80

Origin = *
Paths = *
Headers = *
Max Age = 0

App with All access to all services:

App Config

Role Config

Apache Access Log

Apache error log

Dreamfactory Logs:

Chrome Console Response:

Can you check the Apache error logs?

Hi drewpearce, I already did that and the link to the log is posted in my main request ( I don’t know what I need to look in the error log so it’s a dead end for me…

I’m starting to notice that it’s very hard to work with dreamfactory, the main idea is wonderful, but so far I have to say I’m starting to give up from your product…


Sorry I got a little bit lost in the sea of screenshots.

I don’t see anything that gives any real clues. Can you tell me how it is you’re trying to call these services and provide a sample call?

I recommend tailing the DF log as you make your call and seeing what comes back in real time.

Also, could you provide the actual error message? It should be returned to you in your rest client.

Lastly, are you trying to log in as an admin at user/session?
It’s a common misstep we’ve seen.
Users log in at user/session
Admins as system/admin/session