HTTP service not working

I have created 2 HTTP service for a single micro service, both in different environment and using different dream factory version respectively:-

  1. bitnami-dreamfactory-2-14-1-13-linux-debian-9-x86-64
  2. bitnami-dreamfactory-4-0-1-0-r02-linux-debian-9-x86-64

So when calling from the the 1st HTTP service, everything works as expected but from the latter it does not.

Hi @lakshay

Can you provide a stack trace or a screenshot of the error that you are encountering?

Hi @abhishek.pandey
getting 400 Bad Request.
Also can you tell me how to get the logs.

400 Bad Request could result from a bad request URL. I cannot be sure without looking at the HTTP request. I am sure that it is not due to you using bitnami-dreamfactory-4-0-1-0-r02-linux-debian-9-x86-64.

Logs can be found under Files -> Logs -> dreamfactory.log