Error during installation on own server

I am getting the following error during installation of dreamfactory on my linux server:

Could not open input file: /opt/dreamfactory/platform/composer.phar

What could be the problem here?

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Could you provide some details on what type of server and what version of Linux?

Its Ubuntu.



Still need a little more information. What version of Ubuntu? How are you trying to install? Were you following instructions you found somewhere? Using Bitnami, our Linux installers, from GitHub directly? If not Bitnami, what version of PHP are you using? We have many install options so this information will help us out. Thanks!

The version is 10.04, PHP 5.3 and I installed it with this instructions:



Looking into this. You can run installer with the -v option to print more debug info. Make sure installer is run from the DSP root directory ./scripts/ -v

NOT from the scripts directory

In the mean time you can also install from bitnami. It’s much easier.