Error when trying to install on shared dreamhost

How I can solve this?

while trying to run script generates an alert message , but I can not run the script as root, sudo or submit it to the www -data group .

$ sh

  • info: Created /home/iguazolandia/

DreamFactory Services Platform™ Linux Installer [Mode: Local v1.3.10]

  • info: Install user is “xxx”
  • error: [ See Below ]***
  • error: The install user (iguazolandia) is not in the web user’s group (www-data).
  • error:
  • error: To fix this, perform one of the following options:
  • error:
  • error: 1. Run this script again but: with sudo; as root; or as the system’s web user (www-data)
  • error:
  • error: – or –
  • error:
  • error: 2. Add your user to the system’s web user’s group (www-data):
  • error: a. Via command line: sudo usermod -a -G www-data iguazolandia
  • error: b. Manually edit the /etc/group file (not recommended)

Either root or web user privileges are required. This is not an extraordinary requirement when performing manual server-side installations of hosted applications. I recommend contacting your hosting service to request assistance, or looking for a new hosting solution. On AWS, for example, you can have an instance of DreamFactory installed and running in about 15 minutes using a Bitnami image. Manual installations can take a bit longer, but not by much.