What Needs to Change in install.sh to Install in User's Home Folder


I do not have access to the opt folder and would like to install DF in the home directory. How can this be achieved?

You may install DreamFactory wherever you wish. The installer.sh script should detect its own location and run from wherever you cloned the platform. A quick grep of installer.sh shows no explicit reference to the opt directory.

Sorry, wrong question I guess…

My PHP app runs on a shared hosting service. When I tried to install in my own folder, I get a message to either (1) run as sudo (2) as root or (3) add the user to the web-user group, all of which are not allowed.

Is there any way around this? Otherwise it means running DF on another server over the Internet and exposing my DB credentials over the web such that the main app to access it.

Sorry, there is no way around this. These are common requirements for the installation of server-side software, especially if it’s to be exposed to the web.

I’m not sure what your app structure is that would require this. Once you find hosting that will allow you to do server-side installation, wouldn’t your main app access your DB via the DreamFactory API? The DB credentials would therefore be stored securely in DreamFactory, and the app connection to DreamFactory secured with SSL3.

Yes you are correct: the 2nd issue applies only where I cannot do server side installation on the same box that houses my main app; hence my use of the word “otherwise”. Right now I would be having a MySQL protocol call from DF to the DB over the Internet since the Remote DB config does not feature SSH tunneling.

Thanks all the same.