Event script not being called

I have a post-process event script for a HTTP service which does not appear to be being called. To check if it is being called, I am using var_dump(), which works for me in post-process scripts for the existing system API system/event (the var_dump here shows up in the log file), but nothing from the script for the HTTP service works. The ‘Resource event’ line for the pre and post process scripts show up in the log, but they don’t appear to actually be called. Has anyone seen this before, or know how to fix it?

I have had similar experiences. Eg. I had a script where a line was still being executed despite being deleted and the script saved. I could see changes I made to code and the deleted line was still there. Relogging to the admin panel helped - the “ghost” line reappeared in the editor so I could delete it forever.

Now I’m trying to add post_process script to user/register endpoint, and all of a sudden it stopped printing anything to the log. It’s a bit hard to debug cause it’s run in a sequence of OAuth requests so it’s extremely frustrating. I add/remove simple scripts (like print(“FOO”)) to various endpoints to make a differential diagnosis on what’s going and I’m starting to go mad. For now it seems like the whole scripting interface is not 100% reliable.