Server-Side script not being called?

Hi everyone,

I have a bitnami instance that I use to run DF 2.12.0, on which I added a custom “Remote service” (a HTTP REST API). I would like to use server-side event scripting functionalities to pre-process request data before sending it. I wrote this pre-processing Node js test script, that is linked to the “pre_process” event of my resource :


But it seems that this script is not executed, after having a look at the DF log file (see image 1)

However, all DF built-in functionalities such as the user management service seem to work with event scripting. Here is the same log file about a script linked to the user.session.get.pre_process event, that is indeed called (see image 2)

Strangely, the complete path of my main event script is, but the first log file image only mentions a call to the event “” (without my resource “search”).

I included the “X-DreamFactory-Api-Key” in my request header, which references an app with a full-access role to API and script sources for all HTTP methods (see image 3)

I also set APP_DEBUG=true and APP_LOG_LEVEL=debug in my .env file, without any luck.
Any ideas ?